It doesn't matter if you've been through Texas, New Mexico, or Arizona...road rage exists in ALL these states. Every single one of these states has had people get mad because of someone following too closely, they got cut off, or just being reckless. But which state is the worst? Turns of these states ranks as #1 for road rage drivers.

An irritated young man driving a vehicle is expressing his road rage.

Here's how bad the road rage is in Texas, New Mexico & Arizona & where every state ranks in the United State

According to Forbes, they put out a report where they ranked all 50 states and gave each one a score based on how likely you would come across an angry driver. New Mexico ranked the lowest of the 3; it ranked #41 with a score of 23.35 out of 100. So New Mexico has some of the most polite drivers you'll ever come across. From there...well it just gets worse.

Texas ranked very highly; we were #9 overall. We're one of the states where you're most likely to have someone cut you off in traffic or have someone give you a dirty look while driving. 77% of drivers complained about having another driver yell or curse at them or even make threats. The score for Texas was 82.23 out of 100.

But when it comes to Arizona...they take the crown. They ranked #1 with a perfect score: 100 out of 100. They have a HUGE percentage of people making threats while driving from another driver (81%), people forcing them off the road, and people wanting to fight other drivers.

And if you watch the news, sadly you can see many cases of road rage from all of these states, all of them are just terrifying...

So be careful next time you're driving. Keep your cool; it's not worth losing it and potentially losing more than your car...

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