If you're looking for some small town charm in a big state like Texas, well you've come to the right place!

Small towns have a certain charm that somehow keep you coming back and in Texas, small towns definitely have many coming back- and it's all thanks to how Instagram perfect they are.

WordAtlas.com has named these ten town in Texas the prettiest towns in the Lone Star State! Do you agree that these are the prettiest towns in Texas?

10 of the Prettiest Towns in Texas

Make plans to visit these pretty towns in the Lone Star state in the new year!

If traveling more through the Lone Star state is on your bucket list for the new year, then maybe give some of those a try! I know for sure that Marfa is on a lot of people's bucket list!

David Solce via Unsplash
David Solce via Unsplash

Not only is Marfa considered an art lovers paradise, but those mysterious Marfa lights keep tourists intrigued and coming back. Plus, just like the song goes: "the stars at night are big and bright"- Marfa looks like it definitely has the best night views!

When you're done traveling through the prettiest towns in Texas, did you know you could also take a European tour right here in the Lone Star state?

That's right! Texas has its very own European flair, well, in the sense that Texas has a few cities named after iconic European cities. And they're just a road trip away from each other!

You can travel from Paris to Moscow, to Vienna to London and then finish off your European trip in Dublin, Texas! All in under 24 hours!

So grab some friends, fire up a great playlist and check out the Lone Star state in style!