It was a central El Paso mainstay for decades until it closed last summer. Now, it's being reimagined and, best of all, will soon be reopened.

The Pershing Inn closed after 70 years but, in El Paso, you can't keep a good bar down. It will soon reopen as a new "dive" bar called Cinco at 2909 Pershing.

No official opening date has been given yet but the new owner says it will not be a very long wait.

New owner Pedro Soto says he plans to keep the feel of the original Pershing Inn alive by not completely tearing everything down. Many original items will remain, mixed with some new surprises.

We try to keep everything as original as possible and try to keep most of the history in the building. We don’t want to gut the place and make it completely something different. I mean, we wanted to obviously change it and change the concept of the place, but still maintain the history of the location - ktsm

Soto has 14 years experience as a bartender and plans to reopen The Pershing Inn, now to be known as Cinco, with the same "dive bar" feel as the original.

You can get a quick peek in the pics and the video above but, for obvious reasons, they don't show much. Nor does Soto give an opening date but a "soft opening" is planned for today, 12/16/23.

We'll have to wait and see but it sounds ... and looks ... like Cinco is going to be a pretty cool and welcome addition to the 5 Points Entertainment area.

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