When you think of bands from El Paso, Texas, the two names that definitely stick out are At the Drive-In & The Mars Volta. Without a doubt these are the biggest bands to ever come out of the Sun City with many of fans all over the world. One of them is the star on Instagram & TikTok, Richard Ray. Aka...the Office Drummer. You know...that guy who plays an iconic drum beat and then has people guess what song it is in comments.

What Mars Volta/At the Drive In songs has the Office Drummer played?

The Office Drummer has played at least 2 songs from each El Paso band during his livestreams on Twitch; he's played "Arcarsenal" & "One Armed Scissor" from At the Drive-In. Some of these songs are blind playthroughs, meaning he's never heard them UNTIL the livestream.

By The Mars Volta, he's jammed out to "Blacklight Shine" & "L'Via L'Viaquez". Speaking as someone who's tried playing these songs, these are NOT easy to play. After watching these, I'd say Richard NAILED these songs.

If it wasn't for The Mars Volta, they wouldn't have had the huge influence on the Office Drummer as they did

In a Reddit AMA, it was revealed that Thomas Pridgen, who played for The Mars Volta between 2006-2009, was one of the biggest drumming influences that Richard had back in high school. If you've ever listened to the The Bedlam in Goliath album, you can see why they were so influential.

As someone who grew up in El Paso, I love seeing local bands get shared & praised from fans everywhere. We're looking forward to see if we tackles more songs from The Mars Volta, At the Drive-In, or someone else in the future.

The Office Drummer loves them but he's not the only one. You can see a list of celebrities that love The Mars Volta HERE.

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