Looks like the "Guv has had it with reckless drivers, racing and doughnuts ... not the sweet round ones with a hole in the middle.

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott just signed new legislation making street racing, street "takeovers", "doughnuts" and other, reckless driving acts punishable by jail time and property seizures.

This follows several "street takeover events" that took place within hours of each other on a recent Saturday night in Austin.

Governor Abbott was joined by Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker, Fort Worth Police Chief Neil Noakes, Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Weybourn and Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw at the press conference where he signed the new.

House Bill 1442 gives more tools to law enforcement and prosecutors to pursue organized street racing and takeover events across the state. Abbott said it adds two new offenses to the organized criminal activity statute: Reckless driving exhibition and racing on a highway. Law enforcement can also seize vehicles and contraband used in the commission of the crimes. - wfaa.com

In addition to the charges drivers and participants will face, the new laws also allow vehicles and contraband involved in the incidents to be impounded or seized.

The impoundment bill, House Bill 2899, was previously signed and is already in effect.

House Bill 1442 goes into effect September 1st, 2023.

Heads up stunt boy ... the tricks will now start costing you more than a ticket and/or a couple of bucks.

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