When you think of "north" and "south" in terms of the Civil War, you probably think of "north" as being above "south" and "south" as being east of Texas.

Lines went a bit farther west though and the southwestern states of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona all played key roles in America's bloodiest, "homegrown" conflict.

The wars last, "official", battle was actually fought in Texas.

Texas was in the Confederate States of America and the CSA flag once actually flew over Fort Bliss despite it being under control of the Union, (USA), at the time.

When Texas seceded, union troops got the bums rush at Ft. Bliss.

Expansion of the CSA and the USA was hindered by the fact that New Mexico and Arizona were too busy fighting their own internal battles to be of much help to either.

Arizona and New Mexico were divided internally, (also, ironically, split into northern and southern factions), each backing the same side. North with north, south with south.

At the time of the Civil War, neither Arizona nor New Mexico were states. They were "territories".

Arizona eventually became its own territory but neither got statehood until well after the war.

They were both part of what was known as the New Mexico Territory and only half the territory was for the CSA, the other half sided with the Union.

A Journey Through Hallowed Ground
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That argument held their attention a little more than the Civil War itself and a few battles occurred, most notably at Fort Fillmore, where CSA invaders defeated Union troops.

Who knows what would have happened had either side established a stronghold in this part of the country.

Things may have ended quicker or that horrible war may have drawn out even longer.

That, we'll never know.

150th Anniversary Of The Start Of The Civil War Marked In Charleston
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If you're into playing "what if" with history, read the books by Harry Turtledove.

For the Civil War specifically, check out "The Guns Of The South".

In that one, a 3rd party calls the (literal) shots.

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