El Paso only has 4 of the top 10 most popular grocery store chains in Texas according to this survey and 2 of them aren't really "grocery stores".

2 of the top 10 most popular grocery store chains are "super" stores that sell a ton of different things in addition to groceries. (Not Costco or Sam's though.)

When it comes to grocery stores, we do have one chain that is unique.

Strawpoll.com came up with this list and exactly how accurate it is, I really couldn't tell you. You can pretty much come up with any result you want these days depending on how you word the questions and twist the numbers.

In this case, Strawpoll based its decision on many factors like the number of stores, overall customer satisfaction, customer loyalty programs, how easy it is to shop there, and, of course, prices.

Of the top 10, El Paso only had 2, straight-up grocery stores - Albertson's and Whole Foods. The other 2 most popular ones were "mega stores" Walmart and Target which sell way more than just groceries.

Who Are The Top 10 Most Popular Grocery Stores In Texas?

  1. H-E-B
  2. Walmart 
  3. Kroger
  4. Target 
  5. Whole Foods 
  6. Aldi
  7. Randall's
  8. Tom Thumb
  9. Albertson's
  10. Fiesta Mart

There seems to be lot of interest in getting an H-E-B here in El Chuco and there is now a Facebook group dedicated to trying to make it happen. I'm sure someday we'll get one. Look how long it took Whole Foods to set up shop here.

They're doing fine in El Paso so I'm sure, H-E-B, (and probably many others), will be here soon enough.

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