El Paso Big Mac lovers are in for a treat. Either that or they're about to be really upset ... one of the two.

McDonalds is shaking things up when it comes to their menus all across the country, (and the world), and one of the changes affects the most iconic Mickey Dee's burger.

The Big Mac's classic, yet simple, combination of "2 all beef patties, special, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions and tomato on a sesame seed bun" just isn't cutting it anymore.

McDonalds is revamping its menu in a bid to go head to head with other "gourmet" burger outlets like 5 Guys and Shake Shack.

One of the tastiest things on the Mickey Dee's menu is the burger most of us probably grew up loving and craving; the Big Mac.

Once when I was about 9, I brought a Big Mac to school in my lunch. You should have seen the shock, awe and wonder on all the other kids faces. It was like I'd just whipped out the Ark of the Covenant.

Fast forward to adult GG and my palate has grown much more sophisticated ... it's a double quarter pounder with cheese for me these days. Although, this "Mac Makeover" may put my old favorite back on top. We'll see.

The changes aren't huge but will surely become a bone of contention between classic lovers and the new breed ... here's the deal:

  • McDonald’s will now cook Big Mac patties in smaller batches to ensure maximum flavor and a “uniform sear.”
  • The sandwich’s cheese, pickles, and even lettuce will be "meltier.” Meaning room temperature cheese vs. frozen. (Who knew they used frozen cheese on these things?)
  • The sesame seed bun will now be a "buttery brioche” soaked with an extra serving of the special sauce and a smaller number of sesame seeds added. The seeds are strictly for nostalgic purposes and there won't be as many of them.

I gotta admit it ... I'm curious.

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