El Paso has seen some truly amazing concerts in the past. Some artists, however, like to go the extra mile & not only give El Paso an amazing show, but decided to RECORD those shows so we can relive those memories forever. But which artists recorded live albums in El Paso Texas?


We're starting off strong with the mighty...METALLICA. Old school fans will remember Metallica came to the County Coliseum back on May 12, 1986. That show was released as a bootleg album called Puppets in El Paso. You can see the entire story behind the tour & the setlist here. They would also release a live album of their 2019 Don Haskins concert as well.

Nine Inch Nails (2007)

During Nine Inch Nail's With Teeth Tour, El Paso was one of the stops: March 30, 2006. El Paso was also included on the album/DVD for Beside You In Time which was released a year later in 2007. You can read more about the album here.


On June 5, 1996, The Scorpions would return to El Paso to perform at the UTEP Special Events Center. The entire show was broadcasted on the air & it eventually became an actual live album on cd called...well... Scorpions: Live in El Paso 1996. The album is pretty hard to find & so far only one song has been uploaded onto YouTube. But if you look online, you can find it as an import.

Iron Maiden

Another legendary metal band, Iron Maiden is no stranger to performing in El Paso either. They would perform at the El Paso County Coliseum on February 27th, 1987 & a cd would be released containing recordings of that show called El Paso 1987. Admittedly the quality isn't that great but if you want to find the whole album online, you can.

Alice Cooper

Fans of KLAQ will remember that we actually played the entirety of the Alice Cooper live performance at the El Paso County Coliseum in 1980. It album can be found on cd & online too.

Little Joe y La Familia - A Night of Classic in El Chuco

Yes Little Joe is not rock, but he is an extremely well known Tejano artist. He is known to perform in El Paso with La Familia. And we're certainly aware of his 2012 live album called A Night of Classics in El Chuco. Anyone who sees the album covers knows that he performed for a sold out crowd at the Plaza Theater. And we also know it was recorded in El Paso because of the nice shot of the Star on the Mountain.

Elvis Presley

Last but certainly not least we have Elvis...Yes the King himself, Elvis Presley recorded a live album in El Paso. Way back on June 2nd, 1976 at the County Coliseum called, fittingly, El Goes El Paso. You can find footage of that show here.

Of course that wouldn't be the only live album recorded in Texas; you can see more here. You can also see more albums recorded in El Paso here.

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