Does El Paso, Texas like Joe Biden or Donald Trump more? Those who went to the El Paso Comic Strip over the weekend found out the answer when comedians Darren Carter & Brian Swinehart came to town. More specifically, during Brian's set. But it wasn't just the reaction he got that caught his attention; it was what happened AFTER he made a Joe Biden joke that was so crazy, that he shared the video on his social media pages.

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What did Brian Swinehart say about Joe Biden in El Paso, Texas?

During Saturday's show, with the upcoming election, Brian simply asked the El Paso audience, "Who's for Joe Biden?"....Silence. NO ONE said a thing. That caught Brian off guard. Then Brian asked, "Who likes Trump?". A good chunk of the room actually started cheering, which REALLY caught Brian off guard. Not 10 seconds after he said that... everything went dark. Literally as the video shows.

NOTE: There is some swearing in the video so here's a minor NSFW warning

YUP! The entire building lost power for almost a whole minute. The crowd had to provide their own light source just so Brian could see everyone. I was actually there in the audience and quite honestly, it made the joke EVEN FUNNIER. Everyone joked that Joe Biden was listening in and he didn't like that joke!

And that's the big takeaway was a joke. It was all in good fun. Talking with Brian, he told me that's never happened during his set before. So basically, El Paso made comedy history in Brian's career.

Daniel Paulus
Daniel Paulus

It's unclear whether or not Joe Biden actually HEARD that joke. But... you never know. What I DO know is that after the show, people came up and appreciated Brian & Darren for bringing their comedy to El Paso. We look forward to seeing them again & we'll definitely bring the flashlights.

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