The end of an era.

He won defensive player of the year 3 times. And although he's retiring an Arizona Cardinal, it's TEXANS listed as his team next to his laundry list of records. Most of them.

JJ Watt played the best years of his career in Houston. It was before injuries plagued his ability to build up numbers like he could when he was healthy. From 2012-2015, Watt was #1 in the NFL in most sacks, tackles for losses, and most QB hits.

Because of this?

If Andre Johnson isn't inducted before Watt is eligible in 2028, he'll be the first Texans player in the Hall of Fame.

Sure, he had records. He had sacks. But what THE Justin James Watt is known for doing best? Trash talking.

Legend-type trash-talking.

On December 27, Watt took the podium to make the announcement that shocked even his teammates.
My heart is so full. It's the right time. It feels like the right time. My body, I put so much into the game. The wins and the losses, the mental stress and passion that comes with it, it just weighs on you. It's heavy. It's really heavy. Losses are very though to take. You live with the highs and the lows and I've always said I'd way rather live with the highs and the lows than never know the middle. I don't want to just be blah. I've got a son now. Obviously, I had a heart scare in the middle.

JJ Watt is one of the greatest defensive players in NFL history and will retire at the end of the 2022 season at the age of 33. He was drafted by the Texans in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft.

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