After an insanely hot summer, the always reliable Farmers Almanac says Mother Nature is going to turn the tables on us come Winter.

The Farmers Almanac says we're looking at a colder, wetter winter this year and adds that it may also start sooner than usual.

After the recent heat wave, I'm looking forward to winter ... just not another crazy one like winter, 2021 please.

The Farmers Almanac has been around since 1792 and has achieved an 80% accuracy rating as far as its weather predictions go.

According to them, this year will be a frosty one for Texas.

In addition to colder weather, Texas could experience a few storms with potential for ice and sleet — which are common in Texas — with a possible major storm slated for mid-January, according to the Farmers’ Almanac. There is no telling yet how severe the storms could be or if they would rival the great winter storm that left thousands without power in 2021. -

Large Winter Storm Brings Ice And Snow To Large Swath Of Southern States Up Through Northeast
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According to Farmers Almanac, it's not only going to be chilly in Texas ... the cold kind, not the warm, delicious kind ... but winter may make its appearance earlier than usual.

Texas can expect an unseasonably cold winter in January and February and there could be another mega - storm in mid January.

El Paso is often just out of reach of the really bad winters but they not only do happen, they hit those in the 915 extra hard as desert dwellers have no idea how to deal with snow and ice.

Even a minor winter storm can shut El Chuco down.

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