When you go to a restaurant, it's extremely important to treat the waiters with respect. It's a very demanding job, sometimes it can be thankless & it can be very stressful. That was very much shown to us by this viral video about an El Paso, Texas man who was seen giving waiters a hard time. But the ending is not what people expected.

The video takes place at Kona Grill in El Paso

The Instagram page, El Paso Upcoming, recently posted a video showing a man named Erick Aguirre eating at Kona Grill at the Fountains giving a male waiter a hard time. He was demanding his food to be out quickly and if it wasn't, well he certainly let him know. Eventually the manager came out to see what was the matter...

You can see the video that was uploaded down below.

Yes it turns out that it was all a joke. Erick was simply giving the waiter a hard time, but he gave him a HUGE tip afterwards for being such a good sport. This wouldn't be the only waiter he would "give a hard time" then tip big time; he went to other spots in El Paso too.

When I asked Erick, "why would tip the waiters so much afterwards." He responded by saying:

"I always wanted to make a change in peoples minds especially in my city. I have seen that my generation and people older than me have gotten really negative and just see life in such a bad way. There’s a lot of negativity. A lot of hate..."

He also went into great detail on sharing a very personal & traumatic health scare involving his heart, which he even made a short film about his experience.

Erick went on to say:

"I feel like God gave me another chance at life, I got woken up to take action on my goals and dreams. And one of those dreams was to make a YouTube channel revolves around kindness and giving back to my community and along the way inspire others to change their outlook on life and mindset and be more positive and kind to one another. The other day I had a thought where I imagined myself being alone on this earth being alone in the city no one else. And I was like, 'man money doesn’t mean anything, anything I do doesn’t mean anything.' So relationships and other human beings are what make this experience a beautiful one so we need to take care of each other."

So next time you see this video, remember to treat others with respect & kindness. Do the right thing because it's the right thing to do. And definitely treat those who handle your food with respect.


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