Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend and the partying will be epic. Whether their team is in it or not, El Paso fans will go hard on Super Sunday.

Super Bowl Sunday is a BIG day for parties. Super Bowl Monday, needless to say, is a big day for no - shows. If you don't make it in to work, your boss shouldn't be surprised. Nor should you be if "El Jefe" ghosts the joint.

Seriously, based on last year, over 18 million peeps will call in sick Monday and those who do show up probably won't be firing on all cylinders. They really should just make "Meager Monday" a holiday.

Part of the reason for Monday's mediocrity is all the crap fans will wolf down during the game between the 49'ers and the Chiefs.

Whether you're into the game or not, I'm sure you will ... in some way or another ... help meet these 2024 expectations.

Bird Flu Increases The Threat To Chicken Farmers Livelihoods
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1.45 billion ... with a "B" ... chicken wings will be eaten. That's 725 million chickens if you're a math geek.

We're looking at downing about 8 million pounds of guacamole on Sunday. Since NFL fans do not live by guacamole alone, all that green goo will be accompanied by 19 million pounds of chips and 4 million pounds of pretzels.

Italian Youths Shop, Socialize And Party
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You KNOOOOOW there are some brewskies going down. About 1.23 billion ... yep, another "B" ... beers will be gulped during the Super Bowl.

A lot of food will be ordered for delivery too, pizza being the most common. Lots of places offer game day deals and/or carryout orders.

Some party supplies will be a little cheaper this year than last year. If you want to make a really different snack of your own, click here.

Super Bowl Clydesdales

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