Pornhub users in Texas are out of luck as they are now blocked from having access to the website. El Paso isn't missing a beat. (No pun intended - well, maybe.)

Texas and Pornhub, (that link's WAY NSFW ... unless you're in Texas), are squabbling over the website's age verification process. As a result, Texans can no longer view the quality motion pictures presented there.

Texans are an independent bunch though, especially here in El Paso. Check out these hilarious, and totally workable, reactions.

It seems Texans all over the state appreciate their free porn. Shortly after this ban was announced, searches for VPN services ... which will allow across to Pornhub ... all over Texas skyrocketed.

Here in El Paso, we kinda got lucky. Being (practically) in New Mexico, many signals around here "ping" off New Mexico cell towers.

In and near Santa Teresa, some parts of downtown, (where signals tend to "ping" in Mexico) and Chaparral are among the areas where peeps have said they have no problem getting the goods. Another friend said the top of the mountain usually gets him "welcome to Mexico" messages.

This sparked some funny advice and comments on Facebook:

I get the concerns about keeping porn away from kids but banning these services (obviously) isn't going to stop them from seeing it. Some geographic locations, access to VPN services and the s**t ton of other porn sites out there, (not to mention older siblings and "that one uncle"), make keeping porn away from kids damn near impossible.

Looks like, (once again), adults are going to have to practice good, attentive and active parenting here instead of waiting for some other entity to mind their kids.

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