We love finding a good ghost video; we love watching them & basking in the creepy factor. Well one El Pasoan might have seen more than just a ghost while roaming around in a cave; he caught what might be a whole ghostly figure on camera.

Where is this El Paso ghost cave video?

A man named Raul Garcia-Ogando & his son were out hiking & exploring the caves located in El Paso, Texas. On their journey, Raul's son pointed the camera & one of the adjacent caves. It wasn't until after they returned home & looked at the footage that they realized that they found something.

Raul, believing he caught something paranormal, sent the video to the popular YouTube channel, Nuke's Top 5, and recently included it in one of his videos "Top 10 SCARY Ghost Videos for TOILET Viewing!" (very appropriate for his spooky content).

The segment is halfway through the video at the 13 minute mark & it's only talked about for about a minute long. If you want to see the video for yourself, you can watch it down below.

It's hard to make out but after re-watching the video a couple of times, the figure looked to be wearing a long cloth or robe of some kind. Regardless on if you think this is a ghost or not, it IS creepy thinking that someone was watching you while inside a dark cave.

Personally I think there might have been something there... lurking in the shadows. El Paso is no stranger to spooky & haunted places so what's to say there isn't anything hiding somewhere in the mountains.

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