The answer to that question really depends on what you're looking for. El Paso could have easily made this best of list ... if you tweak the question a bit.

What are the best winter destinations in the United States of America? How about just within the lone star state? That, again, depends on who you ask and what they're after.

Ski resorts, winter X games type stuff and any other things involving significant snowfall don't readily come to mind when you're talking Texas though we do have a few spots.

According to, the top 3 Texas "Winter Destination" cities are Fredericksburg, Jefferson and Gruene.

They made the list mostly because of things like natural beauty and coziness. Again, "best winter destination", just like beauty is said to be, lies in the eye of the beholder.

If you want ski resorts, Texas has a few. El Pasoans are actually closer to ski resorts in New Mexico and Arizona though. Yes, skiing ... in Arizona.

What about peeps that don't like winter though? Then the definition of "best winter destination" changes and El Paso shoots right to the top of the list.

If you're anti snow, El Chuco is THE place to spend winter. With lots of sunshine, mild temperatures ... we average 60 degree highs in December and January ... and very little snow, rain, sleet, etc. We're a snowbirds' dream.

Sean Pavone
Sean Pavone

We have lots to see and do, plenty of big city things, (without the big city attitude), things are affordable and we're the Mexican food capitol of the world among other things.

Plus, if you want a "limited" winter, we're just a couple of hours away from the winter wonderlands of Ruidoso, Cloudcroft and Silver City.

Mild desert, full on winter, then you're wearing shorts again all in the same day. See? El Paso wins.

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