It goes without saying but there are some EXTREMELY talented musicians from El Paso, Texas. You can find talented artists from every genre of music; it doesn't matter if it's rock, metal, hip-hop, country or pop. You will find some extremely talented musicians everywhere and some of them have been able to impress not just the people at home, but they've been able to impress the folks of some record labels too.


Which El Paso artists have been signed onto major record labels?

Of course we know the big ones, At The Drive-In or The Mars Volta. But they are not the only ones to do it. In fact, dating all the way back to the 50s & 60s, we have seen singers record hit singles that became classics today. Of course some artists are not active, but they have shown that it CAN be done. Even to this day, we have seen major pop stars like Khalid represent El Paso in the mainstream.

And it's not just them either; several rock groups have it done too. Recently Late Night Drive Home & The Roulettes have signed onto Epitaph Records & Sony Music respectively.

Even so, that's just scratching the surface of the local talent that has been uncovered and brought into the eyes of the masses. What this shows me is something I've known for years; not only are record labels watching AND listening for bands & artists but this proves that every local musician CAN make their dreams happen. Just keep going & keep working hard and the rewards will come.

If you need further proof, you can see several different El Paso artists and the record labels they've been signed down below...

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