You don't have to be from Austin to know about one of the longest running music series on television; Austin City Limits. So many artists have performed on ACL & continue to do so. But how many have come from El Paso, Texas?

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The Mars Volta was the first El Paso artist on Austin City Limits

It should probably come as no surprise that the first El Paso artist to appear on ACL is without a doubt, STILL, one of the biggest EP artists today. The first time The Mars Volta appeared was back in 2008,

and their latest appearance was...well, this past weekend. The Mars Volta made an appearance 15 years later and never lost their edge.

Khalid would be the next El Paso artist at ACL

2018 was a killer year for Khalid; he would appear at the Grammys and make his debut at Austin City limits. He would perform at the Moody Theater on October 3rd, and on television on October 5th & the 12th.

You can find videos from his TV appearance on his official YouTube channel.

Cigarettes After Sex would be the most recent appearing on the 2023 ACL

Those who went to Austin City Limits this year, or watched it on Hulu, saw Cigarettes After Sex perform on Sunday night, October 8th. They will also perform on Sunday, October 15th after they perform in El Paso on the 11th. Cigarettes After Sex became the 3rd musical artist to represent El Paso on Austin City Limits.

Olympia Trevizo/ via Hulu
Olympia Trevizo/ via Hulu
Olympia Trevizo/ via Hulu
Olympia Trevizo/ via Hulu

There are many more artists I'd love to see from El Paso on the show & I'm very happy to see that we continue to see more local musicians represent El Paso on such a huge stage.

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