There are lots of ways to enjoy beautiful Christmas light displays in El Paso this Christmas season.

There are a couple of new lighting displays around El Chuco this year to see with your friends and family. Especially those that are just visiting.

The rest of us get a little spoiled by seeing these year after year but visitors will not only love them, they'll keep you from getting grinchy and ignoring them.

East Ridge is, arguably, the biggest and probably oldest lighting display in El Paso. We'll save that for last and look at a couple of newer attractions first.

The Magic Of Lights

First, and newest, is the Magic Of Lights at Camp Cohen Waterpark in the north east. All the peeps you can fit into your car get to roll through it for one price.

Being that it's a "drive through" display, you stay warm and comfy in your car while you take 'em all in. You can, of course, pick up drinks or snacks to bring with you too.

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Holiday Lights On The Lake At Ascarate Park

This one has been around a minute and just keeps getting better. Thanks to the crew at SRB PRO, Ascarate Park can now practically be seen from space.

Enjoy a walk around the park, see a few of your favorite Christmas characters up close and see the famous Fred Loya House light show, now taking place at Ascarate Park.

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El Paso County Parks & Recreation
El Paso County Parks & Recreation


The city of El Paso always goes big downtown at Winterfest in San Jacinto Plaza, turning the whole park into a true winter wonderland ... in the desert.

Finally, East Ridge

An El Paso tradition for decades, peeps from all over the Borderland flock to this neighborhood on the east side.

The residents of East Ridge practically compete with each other to see who can set up the biggest, coolest, most elaborate, Clark Griswold-ish display.

There are 3 different entrances to East Ridge - McRae @ Cartway, Deby Lewis @ Glemmway Place, (behind Eastwood High School) and Wedgewood @ Fenway.

If you prefer to walk through the neighborhood, you can park on Deby Lewis Drive.

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