They say everything is bigger in Texas but for every big thing, much like Newton's 3rd law says, there's got to be a small one.

Newton's 3rd law, for those that slept through physics class, (guilty), states that "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction".

The same can be sad for the big and small of Texas. If you have one gigantic thing, there's bound to be an itty bitty one somewhere else in the lone star state. Right?

Let's put that theory to the test with a few random places and things, common around Texas, that I just pulled out of thin air.

Houston Scenics
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The big dog in Texas is the city of Houston. With 2,296,253 peeps, Houston is the biggest city in Texas and #4 in the entire country. Houston is big literally and figuratively ... it's also #1 in total area, (over 10K square miles), and #4 in the USA.

Guerra is the smallest city in Texas. It has a population of 6 and covers about 6 miles. That's 1 mile per resident ... probably no need for flu shots there.

Sears Tower To Become Willis Tower As Willis Group Holdings Moves In
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We're staying in Houston for the tallest skyscraper in the state which is the JP Morgan Chase Tower. It stands 1,002 feet tall while the smallest skyscraper in Texas is the Newby - McMahon building. It looms over Wichita Falls at an amazing 40 feet.

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Police Forces

Police Forces - Yep, Houston again ... jeez. HPD has somewhere around 7,000 officers. On the flip side, the Borden County Sheriff's Office has 2. The sheriff, his deputy y, es todo. If you plan to commit a crime there, please call ahead. They're easily overrun.

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State Park

The biggest one lies not far from El Paso. Big Bend Ranch takes up over 300,000 acres, it's pretty freakin' big. Meanwhile, Texas' smallest state park is the gravesite of Davy Crockett’s second wife, Elizabeth Crockett, which commands .006 acres. This one is probably WAY easier to maintain.

American Airlines Cancels 850 Flights
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NOT Houston this time. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is the largest airport in Texas and #3 in the world. All of Manhattan Island would fit within it. The smallest public airport in Texas is East Texas Regional near Longview.

They handle almost 25K passengers annually - DFW handles over 73 million.

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