Everything is bigger in Texas and that includes college campuses ... this one is a monster.

The lone star state is loaded with really BIG things and that applies to our schools. Check out the biggest high school in Texas here.

Now, after high school comes college so, let's see where the biggest college campus in Texas is.

The University of Texas at El Paso, (UTEP), is pretty big. I know this from having had to walk it from one end to the other going from class to class. It's a hike.

On a sunny, summer El Paso day with temps in triple digits, you don't even want to know what that stroll is like.

Size - wise, UTEP's got nothing on this Texas campus though.

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Texas A & M, in College Station, Texas, has been around since 1876. Beating UTEP, age - wise, by 37 years. I'm pretty sure UTEP has had more names though.

Side note, did you know the "A & M" part of the college's name stands for Agricultural and Mechanical?  I didn't.

Anyway, the college sits on an astounding, 5,200 acres.

The next biggest college campus in Texas comes in way under that, at 1,800 acres.

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As big as Texas A & M is, it still doesn't even crack the top 10 when it comes to college campus size. #1, Berry College in Georgia, takes up over 27,000 acres.

Berry has woodlands, meadows, streams, 47 main buildings, 15 classroom facilities, 10 residence halls; a wildlife sanctuary, a plantation house, a working mill with waterwheel and a film set. Yet, as of 2018, it was home to only 2, 014 students.

'Lil ole' UTEP, covering 420 acres ... 420, I like that ... has 23,880 students.

The smallest of the top 10 "biggest" colleges, Duke University, beats Texas A & M by 3,400 acres, with a total acreage of 8,600.

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