Calling all pickle lovers- this is kind of a big dill!

If you're a pickle lover and driving through the Lone Star state, then you will definitely want to add this to your itinerary! In Fort Worth you will find the mecca for pickle lovers, specifically Best Maid Pickles, because they are made right here in Texas!

Located at 829 W Vickery Blvd. in Fort Worth, the Best Maid Pickle Emporium offers a brand new visitor experience and retail shop for Best Maid Pickles products- meaning you'll find lots of Best Maid pickles swag, food and, of course, pickles!

You'll find shirts, pickle flavored cotton candy, hoodies and pickle crickets? In short, you'll find all the different types of pickles your little pickled heart desires!

You'll also get an inside look at how your favorite pickles are made, and learn the fascinating story of how Best Maid Pickles came to be!

You'll get to learn all about Mildred Dalton, and how she originally made pastries in her kitchen in Mansfield. One day, Mildred decides to make a mayonnaise with all the leftover yolks from her pastries. While her mayonnaise was a hit, she decided to create a delicious sandwich spread, which required relish- and before long, Mildred and her husband were forced to plant a pickle patch! Adorable!

The Best Maid Pickle Emporium also holds different types of events like tastings and, soon, they'll be celebrating their third birthday with a pickle party!

You can find out more about the Best Maid Pickle Emporium, including travel tips and hours, here.

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