Everyone has their own opinion but this list says these places make the best huevos rancheros in the state. One of them is practically in El Paso.

Picking the best anything, anywhere can be tough. Even if your choice is really good, someone will argue with you that it's better somewhere else.

We're funny like that. When it comes to huevos rancheros, the Albuquerque Journal says these are the best spots in the land of enchantment to have them.

Before we get to the best in New Mexico, here's why I'm not throwing in my votes for best in El Paso. I don't like huevos rancheros so, since I don't eat them, I have no favorite. Just so you know.

I like keeping things local though so here are a couple of my favorite Mexican restaurants who, (I think), offer this dish. Lucy's, 4119 N. Mesa, The Tap, downtown and Kiki's on Piedras.

If they don't, everything they do offer is amazing. Now, as for the best in NM, the closest one to the 915 on this list is in Las Cruces.

La Nueva Casita Cafe, 195 North Mesquite St,

La Nueva is a long-running eatery supplying familiar Mexican dishes in a cozy, colorful surrounding. This local staple is beloved for their authenticity and welcoming service.  At La Nueva Casita Cafe, "Our Casa es Su Casa" sums up the experience. - abqjournal.com 

Restaurants in Santa Fe, Taos and Las Vegas also made the list with the majority of the "best" ones ... 5 out of 10 ... being in Albuquerque.

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