The KLAQ, KSII and KROD studios have been located in 3 places over the years. Here's what it looks like inside the current one.

KLAQ and KROD came first and originally occupied the north end, lower floor of the office building at 4141 Pinnacle from 1978 - the late 90's.

Around '96 or so, we acquired KSII and moved to their studios across the street at 4150 Pinnacle. There we had half the entire first floor.

In the early 200's, we moved again to the current site at 4180 N. Mesa.

Other than the actual studios, the nicest thing about this building is the huge conference room where we've had many bands come in and play private shows for listeners over the years. Like Ghost ...

Believe it or not, we were running out of room again until COVID taught us all how to work remotely.

Now the buildings practically empty most of the time except for the receptionist at the front desk, a producer or two and whoever's on the air.

5 studios, one of which doubles as a production room, 2 other production rooms, (those we use to produce commercials, videos, comedy bits, etc), a media area and a podcasting studio are what it takes to entertain the Borderland.

C'mon in and take a look around ...

Inside The KLAQ, KSII, KROD Studios

Peek Inside The KLAQ, KSII, KROD Studios

Gallery Credit: Dubba G

Since we can do so many things remotely and some of us even have production facilities in our homes, the building really isn't as vital as it once.

Except for the actual studios of course and the engineering areas where all the equipment lives.

We probably could downsize but I doubt we ever will. Moving all this stuff was a nightmare the first two times and NOBODY is in a rush to go through all that again.

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