I have seen some pretty crazy accidents in El Paso and today there was another one right by the KLAQ studios.

A truck towing a trailer with 2 other trucks on it tried to make a left turn from Executive onto N. Mesa. Problem is, the trucks on the trailer didn't want to go that way.

They were either making a break for it or someone didn't hitch the trailer properly because, as the truck turned north toward Castellano, the trailer kept heading east.

Long story short, two, (seemingly brand new), trucks will soon be dramatically reduced. Check out what happened.

Luckily there wasn't another vehicle and/or pedestrian next to the hauler at the time. The driver was ok and his truck remained upright.

Needless to say, this really jacked up traffic at Executive and N. Mesa for a while as crews worked to get the trailer right side up and then had to stand the two trucks back up.

I saw an SUV roll at that same intersection once. I was at the light going up Mesa when I heard a loud "thud" to my right. Looking over, I saw a silver Nissan slowly roll from its roof to its driver's side and stop.

Other wrecks there include a car that turned wide and wound up bouncing across the little median and another where a pickup went through a couple of 360's before winding up where the Family Dollar is now.

Turning left from Executive to Mesa, for some reason, has to be done carefully.


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