While service animals are nothing new, some places - including the most recognizable Texas-based chain out there - are drawing the line at what can be called a "service animal."

In general, most places are comfortable with folks bringing service animals into their place of business. However, over the years, people have attempted to pass off a number of odd choices as theirs. That includes a man named Justin Wood and his service animal, Wrinkle the Duck.

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Wood and Wrinkle entered the Sevierville, Tennessee Buc-ee's that is considered the largest in the chain. It takes up approximately 74,000 square feet, has 120 gas pumps, and has 350 employees.

It's also located in Dolly Parton's hometown, which makes it extra magical.

However, Wood was approached by an employee who said that only service dogs are allowed in the establishment.

“She’s a service duck,” Wood told the employee in response.

“Pets are not allowed in here," another employee told him.

“Okay, but she is a service animal,” Wood explained again. A third employee supported the other two, despite Wood saying he could provide three forms of identification.

“There’s no pets in here. Your animal, even if it’s considered a service animal, you have to be able to contain it, and it can fly out,” one of the employees said.

Wood asks if he can put the animal on a leash, then pretends to, and continues through the store.

You can see the entire trip in the video below, though it does seem like Wood was looking for controversy.


Buc-ee's Animal Policy

According to Buc-ee's: "The Health Code prohibits live animals, including dogs, where food could potentially be contaminated. There are exceptions, however, for service animals and animals that work with police officers. For people with disabilities, specially trained service animals play an absolutely vital role. They make it possible for those with disabilities to work, travel, stay safe, and, in some cases, stay alive.”

But the term "service animal" can sometimes be a gray area, especially when folks try to pass off different animals as one. Some weird attempts have included kangaroos, bearded dragons, and puppies.

However, while some reports of odd or unconventional service animals seem to be attempts to troll various establishments, not all of them are.

People may choose unusual service animals for various reasons. Sometimes, conventional service animals like dogs may not meet their unique needs. Personal preference and emotional connections to a particular animal type can also influence choices. Availability and practicality play a role too; an individual might already have a pet suitable for training.

Some may explore different species due to advancements in training techniques or cultural beliefs. Unconventional animals can provide emotional support that traditional service animals might not offer. Additionally, allergies or phobias could lead someone to seek alternatives.

Regardless of the choice, what matters most is that the animal is well-trained, cared for, and meets the individual's needs for assistance or companionship.

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