Have you ever been driving around in the evening in your Texas town and seen different-colored lights on people's porches?

We're not talking about Christmas lights or anything like that. Instead, we're referring to a single light that shines with a color other than the traditional white/yellow lights you see in most light fixtures, inside and outside.

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Single-colored porch lights often have deeper meanings, typically representing a cause that the homeowner believes in. One of the most common is blue, but a growing number of homes all over are putting up a green light on the front porch or patio.

So what does it mean?

What Does a Green Porch Light Mean in Texas?

Those who put up a green light on their front porch are typically showing their support for the military and veterans. Many folks will leave their green porch light on to show appreciation year-round, but others specifically have a green porch light on around Veterans Day and Memorial Day.

But that's not the only color you could be displaying on your front porch. Here are some others, in case you're interested in raising awareness or supporting causes.

Blue Lights

In support of law enforcement, a blue porch light may symbolize solidarity and appreciation for police officers. Additionally, some use blue lights to raise awareness for autism. You can check out Lightbulb.com's Light It Up Blue for Autism Month blog to learn more about how you can support those with Autism.

Red Lights

According to Lightbulbs.com: "The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation created a campaign called “shine your light”. May 4th is, well yes, Star Wars day, but also International Firefighters Day. Shine your porch lights red and celebrate firefighters in your community!"

Purple Lights

Purple lights are sometimes used to raise awareness for Alzheimer's disease and domestic violence awareness. Domestic Violence Awareness Month was established in 1989 and is held in October every year.

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