When it comes to bugs, the Lone Star State has quite a few that you just don't want to mess with. The good news is that most bugs, while they may make your skin crawl, they are pretty harmless. Even if they bite you, they are pretty harmless. But some can cause harm and in rare circumstances, death.

The list compiled today is in no order and it includes bugs that wouldn't surprise you like two different spiders. Most Texans know about these spiders and also know that spiders like the Black Widow aren't looking for a fight. In fact, they are normally hiding from us and only bite when provoked. But the bite can hurt and lead to some issues if not treated quickly.

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Below is a gallery of some of the most dangerous and deadly bugs found in Texas. Remember if you are ever bite by a spider or insect that is poisonous, contact your doctor. Death from insects is very rare, but those who are young or elderly or who have underlying health problems could be more at risk from certain bites. The bugs listed have been reported on by chron.com, secrethouston.com, and geckogreen.com

These Are The Most Dangerous and Deadly Bugs Found In Texas

We have a lot of bugs in Texas and some are pretty dangerous. And depending on how many stings you get or if you have underlying health issues, some bugs can be deadly for humans. When it comes to other animals, some of the bugs below can absolutely be deadly. All of these bugs can be found in Texas and while they might not seek out a fight, they will defend themselves.

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