Would you pass a Texas state symbol pop quiz? No cheating!

Now, everyone is already quite familiar with the state flag and, most likely, the state large mammal (weird category, but okay), the Texas Longhorn. But what about the others?

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Question 1: Texas State Sport

Some may be surprised to hear that the state sport of Texas is not actually BBQ-eating, but rather rodeo. That's right, implemented not too long ago in 1997, rodeo became the official sport of Texas due to the very first recorded rodeo held in Pecos, TX, in 1883.

Bull Riding 1

Question 2: Texas State Flower

Despite what Elvis Presley says, the "Yellow Rose of Texas" is not, in fact, the official state flower. It's actually the bluebonnet. Named after the striking resemblance to a pioneer woman's bonnet blocking out the southern sun, this beautiful and spacious plant has held the title of Texas state flower for over 120 years.

Matthew Lancaster, Unsplash
Matthew Lancaster, Unsplash

Question 3: Texas State Dish

The International Chili Cook-Off has been held in Texas since 1967, so it's no surprise that chili takes the spot for state dish. With the sheer volume of customizability that this dish affords, you'd be hard-pressed to find a born-and-raised Texan who would turn down a fresh bowl of homemade chili.

Chili dish with corn bread

Question 4: Texas State Insect

Although some may count people who drive 20 miles below the speed limit in this category, the state insect of Texas is actually the Monarch Butterfly. These beauties of nature lay their eggs in Texas on their way north in migration to Canada. Not to mention the poisonous milkweed they eat wards off potential predators. Radical.

Monarch Butterfly

Question 5: Texas State Motto

Last but not least, if you guessed that the official motto of the state of Texas is "Just give the Cowboys one more chance", then you are sorely mistaken. "Friendship" happens to be the official motto of The Lone Star State since 1930. I would have also taken "Remember the Alamo" as this was the motto between 1836 and 1845.

So, there you have it. I won't embarrass you and ask your score; you can keep that to yourself. Now you are an even superior Texan with a little bit more knowledge of your home state to flaunt. You're welcome.

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