Texans love their sweet tea, and you can count me among them.

Texas sweet tea is special. It is something pure of heart and brown of water. It is refreshing and I can't even think of a glass of sweet tea without thinking about some of those glistening bits of condensation dripping down the glass.

There is nothing like reaching for an ice-cold glass of Texas sweet tea. It cools you off faster than any other beverage and has just enough caffeine kick for you to get back out there and finish whatever you were going.

If you haven't figured it out yet

I'm saying that Texas sweet tea is sacred and should not be tampered with in any way. It should be brewed with the best water available, regular white sugar, and served up chilled or over ice.

Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark

This is why I find it so horrifying to almost be poisoned by a local restaurant.

I ordered my to-go food and was given my sweet tea in one of those big styrofoam cups with an opaque lid. I went all in for the thirsty boy big drink and found my mouth full of one of the foulest substances known to man. I immediately started gagging and spit out the tea. Yep, somebody had put a lemon in it.

Lemons do not go in sweet tea.

This is not "sweet-n-sour tea". Lemons are to take a little of the edge off of tea that hasn't been sweetened (also known as "garbage"). Don't get me wrong, I'm a lemon lover, but they do not belong in the most delicious drink served in Texas.

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