We've all travelled all over the Lone Star State, but which location makes us take the extra effort to stop, take a pic and post it to social media? Well, the travel site FloridaPanhandle.com did a survey of the most "instagrammable" places in the United States and the World. Their research even broke down the most hashtagged location in each state.

How did they get this prestigious list? Well, a blog on their website explained the process...

"FloridaPanhandle.com used common knowledge and several highly-reputable sources to gather a database of most popular attractions per state and globally. From there, we leveraged social media to gather numbers on each of these attractions and narrowed down the list of most liked, most tagged, and most reviewed."

Ok, back to Texas, what is the most hashtagged location in the Lone Star State? (Drum Roll) With 224,447 tags the state's favored attraction - Big Bend National Park.  In case you've never been to the park, the National Parks Service describes it for you...

"Once a remote and seemingly inhospitable area reached only by miles of dirt roads, Big Bend has become one of the most popular vacation destinations in the state of Texas, visited by over 500,000 visitors each year. Scenic vistas, diverse wildlife, outdoor adventure, historic sites, dark skies, and border culture rank among the features visitors enjoy in Big Bend."

Other Texas attractions like San Antonio River Walk has over 157,000 hashtags and Enchanted Rock has over 100,000 hashtags.  No word where the Buddy Holly Statue ranked.

As for the overall list...Central Park has 133,881 reviews and 437K followers on Instagram.  And, at number one Walt Disney World has 10,150,394 hashtags… and counting.

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