If you are a bookworm or simply love unique businesses, there are some stunning bookshops around Texas that are an absolute must-see.

From arches of books to hidden rooms, these six bookshops are all around Texas. Some are your classic shops that primarily focus on the books themselves, and others are also cafes where you can get a tasty drink to sip on as you browse their book selections or sit down to read.

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I came across these shops in a post from @MyCurlyAdventures_ on Instagram and she makes each place look so special. If you are looking for a fun solo trip or maybe a longer trip with friends, I feel like driving to a few of these stops could make for a very fun bookish adventure.

The shops included in the list include:

The original post sharing these shops gained a lot of positive responses including some other great recommendations in other places around the Lone Star State. If you are on the hunt for some other ideas outside of those listed above, I suggest digging through the comments and seeing what suggestions might be near you.

This page also seems like a great travel guide for other trips around Texas with a variety of places to visit and activities to check out.

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