No Texan likes having bugs in their home, or even coming across a specifically creepy crawler while spending time outside, but certain bugs are worse than others.

While many people would kill any bug they see, no matter what it is, there are some that are actually beneficial to have around. From bees that pollinate flowers and crops, to spiders that eat other bugs, there are good things to having these critters around.

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At the same time, there are some bugs that are really bad to have around and even scientists agree we should kill them on sight.

Bugs that are bad for the environment are typically invasive, meaning that they aren’t native to Texas. Since they aren’t from here, they end up throwing things off balance by destroying crops, eating natural vegetation, and killing the good bugs that we like to keep around.

Not only can they mess with the plants in your yard, eating up your hard work in your backyard garden, but they can mess with food production on a large scale if they get to local crops.

I’m the type to grab a cup and try to catch and release a bug before I squish them, but I will gladly squash any bug I see that I know is invasive or dangerous to keep around.

If you want to be aware of what bugs are bad to have around, keep scrolling to see 9 different critters you should kill on sight if spotted in Texas.

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