Whether they are unethical, problematic, or downright dangerous, there are a variety of foods that are forbidden in Texas.

There are plenty of things out there that you could technically eat, but you know better not to, but some things are so concerning that the FDA had to get involved. Outlawing certain foods might seem problematic in our freedom-loving country, but when it comes to personal safety, there are some things that need to be outlawed.

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Sure, you could argue that other cultures consume these foods, and not all of them are harmful to the human body. However, the ethicality of many of these foods also needs to be considered.

If you aren’t sure what I mean, you’ll just have to keep scrolling because the list of 15 forbidden foods below also includes the reason they are not allowed.

Some are banned in the whole United States, others are specific just to Texas.

I promise you that you aren’t missing out on much with these foods. Unless you are an extremely adventurous eater, I don’t think most of us would care to try these items even if we could.

If you really want to try one of these items, you can always travel to a place where it is available, but I don’t know how worth it that would be.

Not every banned food is included on this list, but these are the 15 most shocking and commonly heard about foods that make the US and Texas lists.

15 Forbidden Foods that are Banned in the State of Texas

Gallery Credit: Tara Holley

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