A Scam Commonly Found In Big Cities Like Dallas and Houston Has Made Its Way To East Texas.

There's an old saying: Not All My Money Is Good Money. It means that sometimes, money, whether found or given, isn't worth it for the trouble it may bring.

While finding money can be a "good" thing, there's a scam that's going on in Tyler where the money "found" might be a setup to steal YOUR MONEY.

Its Called The Cash Dropping Scam.

City Of Tyler Police Department via Facebook
City Of Tyler Police Department via Facebook

The Tyler Police Department is investigating several reports of this scam taking place in Tyler on Friday Afternoon according to CBS19.

Incidents have been reported at 2 Walmart locations on 450 S SE Loop 323 and 3820 Hwy. 64 West in Tyler.

Here's how it works according to police:

Money in wallet
Nopphon Pattanasri

Scammers drop cash in store aisles and parking lots waiting for someone to pick it up. When the victim picks up the money, the suspect approaches them stating its their money.

When the victim opens up their wallet, the scammers steal the remains of their cash and flee the scene.

The Scam Can Also Happen At An ATM Machine Or Cash Register.

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Reports also find that scammers are also strategically placing cash by registers when they see victims placing their debit card in the machine.

As the victim is confronted by the scammer about the money the victim 'just found', the scammer proceeds to take the debit card from the ATM or register.

To avoid falling victim to such scams, it's essential to be cautious when approached by strangers. If something seems suspicious, it's best to walk away and report the incident to Tyler Police at (903) 531-1000. Remember, all money, is NOT good money.

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