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If you feel constantly bombarded by today's technology - social media, streaming, phone calls, emails, online gaming - you know how maddening it is to think about how connected we are to the digital world and how little time we have to appreciate all of the beauty of living things around us and to bask in the awesomeness of nature. Every now and then we need to just leave it all behind and get away.  Unplug, reset ourselves, and leave all of our modern conveniences behind.

If you're the type that needs that break and really wants to reset, there's a unique dome dwelling in west Texas, near Big Bend National Park, that will have you unplugging and soaking up so much nature that you probably won't want to pick up that device ever again and return to a digital world. This place is 100% off the grid and is powered completely by solar power because there's plenty of sunlight in West Texas!

This quaint earthen adobe structure was featured on HGTV's 'Mighty Tiny Houses' and it has plenty of space for you, your partner, and possibly one other guest to sleep and whip up a meal, there are other things that you'll have to adjust too. There is not a flushing toilet, but a composting outhouse nearby, and no running water for a shower, but the host does provide a solar bag shower. If you're accustomed to air conditioning, well, you'll have to get used to the oscillating fan during your stay.

But if you ABSOLUTELY have to stay connected.

There is wi-fi access on-site along with solar power that can charge your device. The solar power converter will take care of your phone, laptop, and lights, but not your hairdryer! So, you can stay connected if you absolutely must.

The Dome offers unique glimpses into the night sky.

This place offers a truly life-changing experience with breathtaking sunrises and sunsets and at night it provides an unmatched view of the cosmos because where the Dome is located it's under a dark sky ordinance. That means you'll get a view of the cosmos that will not compare to what you get from where you are now.

Activities close to the Dome.

Big Bend National Park is just a 25-minute drive away along with the Terlingua ghost town.

If you're looking for a great escape, one where you can unplug from the digital world reconnect with nature, and check out the Milky Way like you've never seen it before, you might consider this West Texas destination for sure.

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