There is always drama in a hospital. Life and death decisions are being made all day, no matter the size of the facility.

Going to the hospital for yourself is scary enough, but when it is someone you care about, your anxiety can go through the roof. Hearing color codes over the intercom system can add another layer to what could already be a stressful situation for many in Texas.

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Knowing what those codes mean could keep you and your family out of danger. Always follow the advice of employees, nurses, and doctors first, since these codes aren't for us, they are for them.

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Hospital Codes Vary From One Facility To The Next

A code green could mean many things, from an internal disaster, psychiatric emergency, to an all-clear. That's a big difference.

Angela Waye
Angela Waye

Much like the codes in Walmart don't mean the same thing in Target. As a patient or a visitor, when you hear someone say code anything, it's usually an emergent situation.

Stay aware of your surroundings, just like anywhere in public. According to groups around the state have been trying to standardize for years.

Be Alert When You Hear Hospital Codes In Texas

The red code for fire and blue for a medical emergency are the same for many hospitals. There are many other codes and words that you might hear in a hospital.

If you ever hear Dr. Strong, it is also fairly universal. It's a code to all able-bodied personnel to come help pick up or subdue a patient.

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Look at these common codes and see if they match the ones you know.

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Listen Up When You Hear These Texas Hospital Codes

These codes aren't standardized across the nation, but when you hear one of these codes in Texas these are common meanings. 

Gallery Credit: Dan Patrick

Common Texas Police Codes You Should Know

These are very common police codes used by the Texas Department of Public Safety officers when they are on duty.

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