For years in Texas, every "wide place in the road" seemed to have its own Dollar General. They have also consistently opened stores in large cities like Dallas, Houston, and Austin.

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Dollar General has had explosive growth in the past decade. They have grown from around 9,372 stores in 2010 to today's 20,000+.

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Texas is home to 1,831 or over 9% of its stores, and our communities rely on them for necessities. Some of their stores have had issues with staffing and theft at self-checkouts...Read More.

Dollar General Reversing Course On Self-Checkout Technology

Self-checkout stands have always been a center of controversy in Texas. Many complain on social media that they don't work for the companies that provide them to their customers.


Those complaints didn't matter to these companies, and the installation of these machines only grew over the years. They aren't finally hearing our voices; they are losing money at the self-checkout.

According to CNN Dollar General will pull out the self-checkout machines in 300 stores with the highest level of theft. In 4,500 locations they will limit the self-checkouts to 5 items.

Do You Live Somewhere Dollar General Removed Self-Checkout?

If the Dollar General in your neighborhood removes all the self-checkout machines, now you know why. You might also want to consider going to another Dollar General.

This will be a dead giveaway that you are in a high-crime area. Even putting an item limit at the self-checkout could be enough to confirm that.

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The message to retailers is pretty clear. If you have self-checkouts, some customers will ring up a five-finger discount.

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