What is it with brawling in the streets and Austin, Texas? It seems like there are constantly videos gracing social media of people throwing haymakers in the turning lane down in our state's capitol. In fact, a wild brawl broke out earlier this month and it of course ended with someone doing the "I Just Got Tasered Fish Dive".

Fists Fly During Wild Brawl On The Streets Of Austin

The video opens with multiple individuals throwing their fists through the air like they're having a slapfight with rocks. I give it a -2/10 for technique. Things get interesting when you notice a spray of liquid washes over the young pugilists. In .02 seconds you realize that the liquid shower is mace dousing the haymaker-throwing youth.

Ouch. The video is below.

If You Find Yourself Being Told You're Going To Get Tased, Believe It

The next thing you know, one of these brilliant individuals has decided to make a quick escape. The only problem with that plan is that one of the officers nearby noticed the plot being hatched. A very short pursuit ensued.

Against a backdrop of women screaming, which is something women do whenever there is a fistfight for reasons that are beyond the understanding of this mere male, you hear a sudden chorus of "ohs" as the officer deploys his taser into the jogging individual. The individual then displays the finest version of a fish jumping out of water onto the pavement that I've ever seen.

Madness On The Streets Of Austin, Texas As Brawl Ensues

More skirmishes break out. There are more rock-handed slap fights. It's sad to see such poor technique on display. The video features the token girlfriend in a dress wearing her man's backward baseball cap talking crap. People ooh and scream while it sounds like someone, presumably the police, is blowing a whistle.

It's madness on the streets of Austin, yet again.

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