adjective. pre·​ten·​tious pri-ˈten-chəs. : appearing or trying to appear more important or more valuable than is the case

We've all had to deal with pretentious people before. The behavior is obnoxious, while also being laughable. I (kind of) love pretentious people, as you can make fun of them without any guilt.

Sure, there are many pretentious people everywhere, but where are they in the highest concentration in Texas? Which Texas towns are pretentious? 


A Redditor recently posed that question in r/Texas, and got a huge response from people who felt strongly that some Texas towns are particularly pretentious. Here's a sampling of some of the cities that got slammed.


I believe Rockwall is the birthplace of the Karen.

My sister lives there, and I can tell you that she is a Karen, and all her friends are as well. I no longer talk to her, as since she moved there, she has completely transformed into a person I no longer recognize.


So many rhinestone crosses worn by Karens. So much makeup and Botox and lip filler. So many big metal Texas stars affixed to houses.


 It’s a s**t town with a LOT of oil money.

Midland is where you smoke your meth in “relative” safety

Instead of the "premier" west Texas city it posits itself as, it's really only the capital of the West Texas Windsock...a grocery sack blowing on an overgrown weed.


Lubbock still can't decide if it wants to LARP as a small town or a big city.

It's definitely a small city that thinks it's f****** Dallas. I wish I could up vote this more than once

The area over by Tech looks like they hacked off a slice of Katy and sloppily glued it on.


All the stay at home soccer moms in their $80k BMWs and $500 Lululemon outfits Their day consists of dropping kids off, having lunch with friends, some shopping ,making sure the housecleaners show up, picking kids up, and ordering takeout. And they are all overwhelmed with their stressful lives.

I employed a lot of their kids at my old shop, just some the most lazy and incompetent employees I've ever had. Would quit the instant you asked them to do something.


Marfa, and it’s not close. Insufferable.

Yeah, my immediate first thought. Like, they have a fake Prada store. Even a real Prada would be less pretentious.

As someone who lives in one of these aforementioned towns, I feel a little called out. Luckily I don't take myself seriously at all, so if I was intended to be pretentious, I think I've failed at it.

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