Get ready for a good ol' Texas poo-storm!


Controversy Abounds!

If there's one thing that tends to get people in a lather, it's Starbucks cups. During the Christmas season there's practically no way that Starbucks can win (unless they started putting bible verses on the cups). We have had controversy after controversy over Starbucks cups and it's just silly. It's not like there aren't a million other coffee places people can go.

The New Cup

The new cups from Starbucks are for cold drinks and they'll definitely have a different "feel" about them. The cups feature 20% less plastic and that's not the only change. The cups will also have raised bumps on them so the sizes can be identified by touch by employees. The "tall" cups will also be shorter and wider so that the lids from the other cups fit on them. Starbucks also announced:

"they are also projected to reduce emissions and conserve water in the production process"


Finding Fault

Supposedly the new cups still "feel sturdy" even though they use less plastic. I have a feeling that some Starbucks customers are going to find fault with them even if they feel like they are made of iron. On one level, I get it, you had that same "feel" in your hands for a long time and it felt comfortable, now someone is coming along and rockin' your world and you don't like it. I completely understand. I also understand that complaining about a company trying to have a little corporate responsibility is ridiculous. I'm certain we'll see plenty of those "I'm never going back" messages from people who always go back soon.

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