There are so many cool places to visit in Texas. But it is such a large state that even natives struggle to visit them all. But, if we're strategic, we can see 7 of the most iconic Texas places in one long weekend.

I grew up in Tyler, Texas and I learn something new about the Lone Star State every day. Many of us haven't even had a chance to see everything Texas has to show us. And since Texas is enormous, it would take quite a while to see all there is to see. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't try if we want, right?

So while this particular trip offered by is by no means comprehensive, it IS pretty fantastic that in just three hours of driving time, you could visit at least SEVEN iconic Texas places. Now obviously those three hours would be spent driving. So clearly you'd want to schedule in way more time than that to, ya know, stop and SEE the places. But, I digress.

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This epic Texas road trip starts in our state capital, Austin, Texas.

This particular road trip starts in our state's capital, Austin. And so, you'll have to start that three-hour driving clock once you get there. But, as they say, getting there is half the fun, right? RIGHT? (Well, as long as you can find a few Buc-ees along the way.)

Starting in Austin, you'll take in a few sights before venturing into the Texas Hill Country area, and then down toward San Antonio. And frankly, each of these areas can easily be an entire trip unto itself. So think of this as a great "Texas sampler" for natives and visitors alike who just want to take a quick jaunt to see some of the most iconic spots in this great state of ours.

OK, ready?

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