It’s crazy to think about areas of Texas having gigantic amounts of money to buy gifts this holiday season. We know that many families are struggling to make Christmas happen this year and if you’re in that position please know that you are not alone. But it was rather interesting to find out that many of the areas with the biggest holiday budgets are here in the great state of Texas and we’re going to look into which areas those are specifically.  

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The details regarding these large Christmas budgets came from WalletHub and it was a little shocking to see some of the details they shared like the face that holiday sales are expected to grow between 3% and 4% this holiday season. But it’s also worth mentioning that shoppers are expected to deal with more difficulties as they add more credit card debt to make all the purchases they want to make.  

How Did They Decide Which Cities Would Have the Largest Christmas Budget? 

When looking at who was spending the most this holiday season they looked at five key factors which include income, age, ratio of savings to monthly expenses and a few others. It just makes sense that the areas that have the largest incomes also have the most to spend when it comes to the holidays. 

Let’s See What 5 Texas Cities Made the List 

Before we start looking at the areas that have lots of money to spend this Christmas remember that the holidays are more about making memories with your family than it is about unwrapping gifts. Now, let’s take a look at what Texas cities are going to be spending the most on Christmas.  

5 Texas Cities That Have Big Budgets for Christmas

These areas of Texas have been identified as having the most money to spend on the holidays in 2023.

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Photos of 'Enchant' Christmas Lights in Dallas, TX

Here is a look at some of the 4 million Christmas lights on display in Dallas, TX this holiday season.

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