The refrigerator, a staple in all Texan's homes to keep our food good and fresh. I'm notorious for putting the majority of my produce and other food items into the fridge, but did you know that a lot of items actually shouldn't go there? 

There are some food products many of us may think we're keeping fresh, or extending the life of by storing them in the fridge. But in some cases, this isn't true.

But why can't everything go in the fridge??

I myself -- and many people around the world -- have begun seeing the fridge as something that keeps EVERYTHING fresh. While it is true refrigerators keep foods from spoiling, wilting, and molding, it is NOT true that it does this for every food product.

In some instances, putting something in the fridge immediately after your grocery haul may make it go bad faster. And with some produce, it may even extend its freshness too long, preventing you from getting to eat it when you need it.

Here are some items to keep out of the fridge

In my search of, "what not to keep in the fridge," I read about a lot of items that I actually like putting in the fridge. Like chocolate -- not to keep it good or anything, but simply because I like the taste of it cold.

And bread apparently isn't supposed to go in there either... It's actually best to keep it on your pantry shelf. After having bread for a while, I always threw it into the fridge because I was under the assumption that I could extend its goodness just a littleeeeee longer. And don't even get me started on all the fruit items that aren't supposed to go immediately in there...

Hopefully, this list helps you -- like it did me -- clean out your fridge of those items that supposedly don't belong, and make room for those that do.

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