With Powerball Mania taking over right now!  I thought it would be a great time to update what the last Powerball winner is doing with their money. The last Powerball winner was in July and has already spent $75 million in just two months.  According to lawyer, Jerry Taylor on TikTok this Lottery winner is doing everything wrong with their money.

His cash payment was about $1 Billion dollars and after taxes, he took home about $628 million.  He has already spent $75 million on real estate: a $47 million mansion in Los Angeles and $25.5 million home in Hollywood Hills, and a $4 million home in his hometown of Altadena, California. This is on top of whatever else the winner has already bought. What the winner is not taking into consideration is the upkeep of these massive multi-million dollar homes. He then offers his advice on what to do should if you win big!

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As always, I like to break down numbers and stats for Texas Lottery scratch tickets. So I thought it would be fun to break down the new $5 Dallas Cowboy scratch-off ticket, by the numbers! What are the odds? What is the top prize? Scroll down to see a detailed explanation of the prize distribution.  Even if you don't win on your initial scratch, there is a second chance drawing for this ticket. Click for details.


Texas Lottery/Canva
Texas Lottery/Canva


There are 75 tickets in a full book of $5 Dallas Cowboys tickets. The total cost of the book is $375. The guaranteed payout on a book is $185. This means if you buy a whole book, there is a good chance of losing $190 unless you find one of those lucky ones. Here are what those odds are:

A break-even $5 winner is found at least 9 times in every book(75). The odds are 1 in 8.04

$10.00 winner is found at least 3 times in every book. The odds are 1 in 19.57

$15.00 winner is found at least 3 times in every book. The odds are 1 in 25

$20.00  winner is found at least 3 times in every book. The odds are 1 in 25

A $50.00 winner is found approximately 1 time in every 2 books. The odds are 1 in 128.57

A $100 winner is found approximately once in every 17 books. The odds are 1 in 1285.71

A $500  winner is found approximately once in every 342 books. The odds are 1 in 25,741.29

A $5000 winner is found approximately once in every 4,800 books. The odds are 1 in 360,000

A $100,000 jackpot winner is round approximately once in every 32,400 books. The odds are 1 in 2,430,000. There are 4 top-prize tickets in this game!


All information is courtesy of the Texas Lottery website.

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