I recently wrote an article about "Nude Beaches in Texas" and, to my surprise, found that the Lone Star State has quite a few. When I first wrote the article I thought I would find only one or two nude beaches in Texas. Surprisingly, I learned there are several beaches and private pool resorts anyone over 18 can attend.

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When in a work meeting earlier this week, we were talking about past articles we've written, and it was noted that content I had written last year about Nude Beaches in Texas was getting quite a bit of attention. Apparently, Texans want to know more about these "natural" destinations.

While we were on the subject I asked my coworkers: "Has anyone ever gone to a nudist beach?" I was stunned that half of my coworkers have visited nudist beaches; the other half were shocked that I even asked. The reason for my asking the question was curiosity. Where exactly does someone strolling a beach in the nude store their personal belongings?

I mean, just like any public place, you need to have your driver's license or state ID, car keys, money, debit cards, medications, and so on. So I did some research and here's what I discovered. First, the majority of naturalists look out for one another. Nude beaches have reputations for being extremely safe zones.

Nonetheless, here's some advice from the Naked Wanderings experts. They advise wearing a small backpack with your most essential belongings.

How to Keep Up With Your Belongings When You Have No Pockets:

  • Pack only the essentials (keys, ID, phone, debit cards, etc)
  • Wrap your cash, cards, and jewelry in an unused diaper in the backpack
  • Visit with friends and take turns watching the belongings
  • Use a small waterproof pouch to store phones and electronics
  • Some nude beaches offer paddleboard or locker rentals, rent one

Just remember to be safe, stay alert, and apply lots of sunscreen.
Source: NakedWanderings.com

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