There are two or maybe three counties in the Lone Star State that I will say are my favorite counties because of the feel, the vibe, and the attitude that one gets from the people who reside there. You've got to admit that if you're going to live somewhere the people make up 50% of the feeling in the county.  Then there are the natural features like lakes, rivers, parks, and other surroundings.

Furthermore, if you're going to live in a certain County you had better be able to find good, safe, and affordable housing for you and your family. I know from personal experience that these three counties possess a lot of the features I have been alluding to.

First off it is almost a tie between my first two favorite counties in Texas. However, one does reign supreme over the others but not by a big margin. So if you're like me looking for a forever place to spend time with family, in my opinion, your surroundings had better be a luring, and inviting place for them TO WANT to come and visit you.

While the county that I am living in now is at the top of my list, it is because of the housing and the ridiculous price I paid to get to move in and own a home here in Taylor County. In addition, City officials along with County officials are working together to make our city more comfortable and enjoyable to live in.

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The latter that I am referring to are the jogging/walking trails, parks, and some water features that are being installed or are in the plans soon around the Key City. The second County I favored in the Lone Star State is Tom Green County where the city of San Angelo has created the most comforting, peaceful, and elegant riverwalk along the Concho River that goes through the city.

The third and final County that makes my top three is Galveston for obvious reasons.  Galveston County is home to the Moody Gardens triple pyramids, Gulf views, and yes white sandy beaches. The feeling and vibe in Galveston is so laid-back it's not hard to fall asleep well simply standing on the beach.

If you've never been to the Abilene Zoo by the lake, the Riverwalk in San Angelo, or the Moody Gardens white sandy beaches in Galveston you are missing out on some very inexpensive weekend family getaways. Check out the rest of the counties that made the Top 30 List Of Best Counties To Live In Texas.

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