My wife often says, "You're starting to sound like your dad!" I disagree. My dad was a brilliant man. For instance, he used to say, "Shut the front door, you weren't born in a barn." While I might not fully understand the saying, I know he's right—I wasn’t born in a barn.

In the scorching West Texas summers, where temperatures soar above 105 degrees, he’d say that 80 degrees feels much cooler. Texas dads have a knack for wisdom, and I wonder if it’s inherited or passed down through generations.

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These are the top 10 signs that you are turning into your dad, whether you like it or not

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My wife, kids, and even my grandmother often tell me I’m my father's son. I take that as a compliment because Dad embodied honor and integrity. A true gentleman, he always held the door open for others. I like to joke, "Welcome to Walmart, get your stuff and get out!"

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Growing up in Texas shapes us to become more like our parents. While I’m not exactly like my dad, I’ve picked up some of my mom's traits too. For example, I clean the kitchen while cooking (thanks, Mom), whereas Dad would just pile the dishes in the sink.

Being a blend of both my parents’ qualities is something I embrace. Their wisdom and habits have shaped who I am today.

Here are my top 10 signs that you are becoming more like your Texas Dad:

  1. You won't do anything with your bank or Doctor unless the teller or real-life human is involved no AI
  2. You still have cassettes and CDs lying around and you still listen to them
  3. You now own a pair of cheaters and you use them
  4. You insist on opening doors and letting others go in first no matter what
  5. When talking about sports with family and friends you bring up an old event including dates and where you were living when it happened
  6. While driving your car you would rather hear the radio
  7. When no one is home you turn down or turn off the HVAC unit
  8. You are always double-checking that all the lights are turned off
  9. You make sure all doors are closed including the one at the barn
  10. He will drive back home to make sure the doors are all locked

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