• Trusting a New Restaurant
  • The Best Steak and the Best Green Salsa in One Place?
  • Winning Hearts and Stomachs in Cochise County and Arizona

The Quest for a Good Great Steak from a Local Restaurant

When I was growing up, our family didn't have a lot of money. When we cooked steak, it was usually the kind of thin, flat steak that tastes best marinated and grilled as carne asada. Even though I didn't know much when I was a kid, as an adult I have come to appreciate a well-made steak.

This is Probably the Best Steak in Cochise County and Arizona
Best Steak in Cochise County and Arizona // Canva

Finding a good steak in Arizona isn't impossible. Finding someone in Cochise County to prepare it to my standards - well, that was a different topic.

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Our Love of Local Arizona Restaurants

My family loves our locally owned restaurants in Cochise County, and we always try to choose them over chains whenever possible. One of our favorite restaurants was Ricardo's Restaurant and Lounge in Hereford.

The Old Ricardo's Restaurant in Hereford
The Old Ricardo's Restaurant in Hereford // via Google Street View

We'd been dining there for decades. Long before they lost their original restaurant in the Monument Fire back in 2011, right up until the time they closed in February of this year, we had been loyal customers.

A New Favorite Restaurant is Born

When La Sierra Grill Steakhouse opened in its place, we were eager to try them. There was already a buzz building around town, and I was curious if they would live up to the hype.

La Sierra Grill Steak House is now where Ricardo's used to be in Hereford
La Sierra Grill Steak House // via Google Maps Street View

Looking at the menu, I was surprised to see many familiar favorites. There seemed to be echoes of Ricardo's popular choices. Mexican fare like tacos and burritos were on the menu, and just like Ricardo's, they had steak.

But unlike Ricardo's, the word steakhouse was right in the title. Could La Sierra's steak be as good - or even better - than Ricardo's? This was worth checking out.

Ordering a Steak at La Sierra Grill

I decided to go for it. I ordered a ribeye and hoped for the best.

On a side note, we got chips and salsa before the meal. It comes with a spicy red salsa and a green tomatillo salsa. I usually don't like green salsas, but for some reason, La Sierra's is amazing! I have no idea why it's so good, but it's so delicious, that I dream about it. Really.

Finding delicious steak at La Sierra Grill
Finding delicious steak at La Sierra Grill // Photo by La Sierra Grill Steak Via FB

Back to the show...

So, I ordered the ribeye. When the steak arrived, it was so thick, I couldn't believe it. I like to order my steaks medium rare, but when I cut into it and took a bite, it was a little too rare for me. I hate to send food back, but the efficient waitress insisted it be perfect.

That one bite melted in my mouth, the flavor was amazing. "Oh, well. It was good while it lasted," I thought.

In my experience, no steak ever tastes as good when it goes back on the grill. Boy was I surprised? I don't know what magic they used, but that steak came back perfect! And still medium rare. The owner, Manuel Grajeda even stopped by my table personally to make sure it was to my liking. Which it was.

Voted Best Steak in Arizona

After that experience, I was hooked. And I'm not alone. La Sierra Grill is highly rated on Google reviews. I personally gave them 5 out of 5 and think they're the best place for steak in all of Cochise County, and they may just be the best steakhouse in all of Arizona.

La Sierra Grill Steak House has favorites like tacos and burritos
La Sierra Grill Steak House has favorites like tacos and burritos // Photo by La Sierra Grill via Facebook

I was excited to learn they recently added a buffet, which I think makes them the only restaurant with a buffet in Cochise County. Now I have something to add to my list for next time!

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